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On a golf course, the tee is only used for the first shot, i.e. at the start of the hole. The player uses it to raise the ball so that he can hit it more easily with a club. A small accessory but a big impact on your game.

How to choose a tee?

There are two categories of tees: those made of wood and those made of plastic.

The former are the original tees, as tees are historically made from wood. However, this material is known to be fragile, which is why manufacturers now produce tees made from bamboo, a more flexible and resistant material. However, wood and bamboo tees can withstand all types of ball striking with all types of clubs. They are also produced in different lengths and are biodegradable as they are natural materials.

The plastic ones are known for their durability. They are easy to maintain and have a very long life expectancy. As with wood, several lengths are available. Finally, there are some rarer tees: Fancy tees & brush tees.

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