All golf bags : stand bags, mixed, trolleys and for training

With friends, in competition, on the move, or simply for training, find on Espace Golf the top brands of golf bags which will accompany you, according to your urge : Big Max, Skymax, Cobra, ...

There are four main families of golf bags: stand bags, combination, trolley and training. All of them are overwhelmingly compatible with golf trolleys and are waterproof.

The stand bag is lightweight, has up to 8 compartments and can be carried on the back with its straps. It is designed to hold a half set.

The trolley bag is the largest, with 14 compartments and storage pockets. It holds a full set. Being large and heavy, it is accompanied by a trolley or transported by golfette.

The mixed bag combines the storage of a trolley bag with the manoeuvrability of a tripod bag. It has 14 compartments, back straps and a tripod.

Finally, the practice bag, which is unusual, is a very small bag worn on the shoulder and can hold 4/5 clubs for the practice.