All our golf clothes for men

How to choose your clothes while respecting the etiquette and being "in"? Espace Golf offers you the best golf brands for men: polo shirts, pullovers, sweats, down jackets, trousers, shorts and rainwear!

All of our golf clothing For a long time, golfing was based on a set of rules and customs (the Etiquette). However, the world of golf has become more flexible, as golf clothing is now oriented towards comfort in order to swing freely, but also by style according to the seasons and the tastes of each individual.

Clothing for every golfer!

Espace Golf has selected a wide range of clothing to match the budget and style of each golfer. Choice is one of our major assets as we have selected numerous brands to give you the benefit of a very large offer. You will quickly and easily find your future golf clothes adapted to each season.

Elegance is no longer the primary criterion for golfers, and the brands have understood this since they have decided to combine aesthetics and technique in their products.

In recent years, brands have been working on more original products, following fashion trends, without neglecting the technical aspect and the comfort of players on the course. Men's and children's clothing is beginning its history in the world of fashion. Find the most emblematic fashion brands of the golf world such as Cross, FootJoy, Puma Golf or Nike, Adidas and Jott.

How to choose your clothes all year round?

Playing golf in summer and winter is totally different. If a light outfit without the fear of bad weather in the summer season is suitable, it is quite different in the winter season. Fortunately, brands have designed clothing to protect you from wind, rain, cold, or all of the above.

First of all, golf clothing should be chosen according to the time of year. Whether the weather is dry or wet, you should always choose breathable clothing. Espace Golf recommends synthetic or natural fibre clothing as cotton tops are very absorbent and dry slowly. Indeed, if you sweat in the summer or get wet in the winter, the garment will remain damp for longer than synthetic fibres, wool, tencel, lyocell, etc... This uncomfortable feeling of wetness can quickly turn into a feeling of cold.

Golf clothing must also be waterproof as it must keep you dry throughout the course and in all weathers. Espace Golf has selected waterproof or water-repellent clothing for you, with Gore-Tex technology or waterproof-breathable membranes.

Finally, your outfit must be windproof. In general, windproof jackets are water-repellent.

Your golf outfit can be enhanced with various accessories such as rain gloves, winter gloves, mittens, hats, caps, bobs or men's bobs.olf