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Add a set of irons to your golf bag to enjoy a wide range of shots. Check out our left and right handed irons.

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Irons are used to generally cover shorter distances than fairway woods and hybrids, as well as to make approaches close to the green. The shot possibilities are endless, but you need the right set.

How do you choose your set of irons?

First of all, there are 9 iron numbers from 1 to 9, ranging from the most closed loft and the longest shaft (1 iron) to the most open and short (9 iron). In addition, there are wedges that complete the series. These wedges are specific since they have letters: PW (for Pitching-Wedge), GP (Gap-Wedge) or UW (Utility-Wedge) or AW (Approach-Wedge), SW (Sand-Wedge), and LW (Lob-Wedge) and are differentiated by their opening.

Concerning the clubhead, the thinner the sole (here called blade) the more delicate but precise the shot will be. On the contrary, the wider the sole, the more forgiving the club will be (ideal for beginners).

There are two materials for shafts: steel and graphite, both of which can be broken down into three main types of flex, from the softest to the stiffest: Lady/Senior, Regular and Stiff.