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How to choose a good pair of golf shoes?

To select the best pair of shoes, you need to pay attention to three criteria: waterproofing, comfort and grip. With these characteristics, your pair will be able to cope with all types of terrain and weather.

In winter, and even in the morning during the summer season, dew or rain can make the course wet. That's why it's important to choose waterproof shoes to keep your feet dry. There are canvas summer shoes that are water repellent, but not waterproof!

When playing golf, your entire outfit should be maximised for your comfort, especially your shoes. If your shoes do not fit your feet, you will be unfocused and unable to perform. It is also essential to be comfortable with your footing as the average player covers about 10km of the course. If not, you will suffer.

Finally, an effective swing requires a good grip on the ground. Grip is important and can vary in summer and winter, which is why selecting a pair of shoes with spikes or studs is a crucial strategic choice.

At Espace Golf, you'll find all pairs of golf shoes for men and women, for all budgets, all uses and all styles!

What are the different types of shoes?

A fair principle: each season has its own pair of shoes! Indeed, brands offer different types of shoes: for winter, for summer and mixed shoes. Your shoes must be adapted to the type of terrain: in winter shoes with studs and in summer shoes without studs. In mixed shoes, you will find spikes and pimples on the sole. In summer, you can remove the studs with a stud spanner.

The materials are also of different types. On Espace Golf you will find cheap golf shoes in leather or canvas.

Canvas shoes provide continuous ventilation for your feet, and are therefore breathable. Moreover, the material is water-repellent, so it will keep your feet dry for a while. Leather shoes require much more maintenance. Indeed, brands are using more and more heat-bonding for the manufacture of shoes, so don't use shoe polish or you will end up with mould between the leather and the sole. We advise you to use a damp cloth to clean the leather.

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