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How to choose an electric golf trolley?

The electric golf trolley is the ultimate in user comfort. The most important criterion of an electric trolley is the quality of the materials. Indeed, the first prices are made with lesser quality materials, which means a shorter life span, and more maintenance.

There are folding or collapsible trolleys. For the latter, the trolley will require more action to be operational, but is less fragile than a folding trolley, whose joints are subject to wear. Espace Golf also offers electric trolleys with lead or lithium batteries. The latter is often more compact, lighter and has a much longer life than lead batteries. Lithium batteries are more expensive but are more ecological and economical in the long run.

Finally, to make your trolley look like you, there are many additional accessories such as umbrella holders, card holders, tee and ball holders, etc... You can also buy a remote-controlled trolley.

Find on Espace Golf our 2022 electric trolley catalogue.