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How to choose a manual golf trolley?

The right choice of golf trolley can be a decisive ally throughout the course. It provides comfort and saves energy when carrying your golf bag.

The golf trolley is originally a two-wheeled manual trolley, available in a variety of colours. Light, practical and efficient, it only needs to be pulled, thus requiring one of the golfer's arms. The appearance of the three-wheeled trolley was a revolution for golfers as it is pushed. In addition to its practicality, with card holders, tees and balls, the three or even four-wheel manual trolley provides maximum comfort for its user. In addition, the new trolleys are all equipped with a brake and optimal stability to leave the trolley on any slope.

A non-negligible criterion in the choice of your golf trolley, beyond the price, is the capacity of the boot of your vehicle. This is why trolley manufacturers produce folding trolleys, which are always more efficient in terms of taking up less space. Finally, you can equip your trolley with additional accessories for your playing comfort.

Find on Espace Golf our 2022 catalogue of manual golf trolleys at low prices.